The session is about you and your body.

To me, bodywork is about listening to the body. Looking at and treating the body as a whole, not parts. I never work on the "same" body twice just like we never step in to the same river twice.

Same day, weekend and evening appointments available.


I left the corporate world behind me in 2006 with an major in math, and a MBA. I went to work at 24 Hour Fitness. In 2014, I went to massage school to be a better trainer, not intending to practice massage/bodywork. I had only received my first massage in 2009 and my first massage from a male in 2012.

The universe had a different plan. In 2016, I went to work at a local physical therapy clinic, as a bodyworker/licensed massage therapist. I enjoyed it more than I could have possibly imagined. I still love it today. In 2017, I fully committed to being a bodyworker. I did not renew any training or nutrition certifications, with the goal of having my own practice one day.

Bodywork can be beneficial for

Bodywork is looking at the body as a whole including the emotions. The body is very complex and not linear.

Post Surgical Recovery
After the body has incurred a trauma such as surgery, bodywork can be used to begin the "waking up" process of the surgical area. It can help to start reorganizing the body after the surgery.
Muscle Fatigue and Soreness
The benefit of massage for both muscle fatigue and soreness can be several... blood flow movement, lactic acid movement, lymph movement, relaxation. For some, this will be a deep and intense session. For others, this will be a gentle and relaxing session.
Depending on the person and what their body needs, bodywork can be very relaxing. Falling asleep during your session is a compliment to the therapist. Because of the delicate touch of lymphatic massage and craniosacral, both types can be very relaxing. The deep and intense work can be just as relaxing as well. It all depends on the person, what their body needs and wants during that particular session.
Muscle Tightness
Just because the muscle feels tight, doesn't mean it actually is. The nervous system may be guarding for some reason in order to keep the person "safe". Chances are this is related to an old injury/trauma/surgery. When the body and nervous system start to relax, often times the "tight" or guarded muscle will follow. The weighted blanket might help with this along with some craniosacral work to get the head and neck to relax.

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Included services

Besides "regular" bodywork, the services below can also be part of your session if you desire. Sometimes I will do it intuitively as well.


Craniosacral work is working with the cranial bones of the head and the sacrum. It's very delicate work. The releases are very subtle and often not felt by the client. There's a different rhythm than the breathing and pulse rate of the body. It can be very relaxing to the client.


Cupping has been around for several thousand years. It's about bringing attention, and fluids of the body to a certain area/region. I often use it when someone is unable to handle the pressure of pushing. Cupping can benefit anyone. Often, I will leave the cups on one part of the body while working on another area.

Lymphatic drainage

The lymph system runs throughout the entire body. It's just under the surface of the skin. It's known for transporting waste out of of the body. Many get lymph work when they first feel a cold or sore throat coming on. Many cancer patients receive a lot of lymph work on their journey. It's very gentle and delicate work.

Please feel free to schedule a session when you're not feeling well. Lymphatic work can be great for recovery.